Argan Oil Leave-In Hair Conditioner

Triple Extra Virgin Argan Oil, Morocco. USDA Organic, 100% Pure.

You can buy Triple Extra Virgin Argan Oil at the lowest prices. We are the premier wholesale supplier for Morocco  Argan Oil. Our Moroccan argan oil wholesale is very fresh and F.A.R. (Free Acidity Rate) is 0.3%, the best quality in the world.  Our Argan Oil has USDA Organic Certified and Eco Certified.

How Can You Recognize Good Quality Argan Oil?

The best Argan Oil is produced from high quality nuts using a cold-press extraction method.  It has a naturally earthy smell and has, traditionally, been stored in dark colored glass bottles in order to protect it from sunlight to preserve its powerful properties.

You can expect a good quality Argan Oil to be absorbed quickly by the skin, without leaving an oily residue.  Also, a good quality argan oil should be working effectively against wrinkles and for skin elasticity and for acne, etc.

Cost vs. Purity

The extraction process is labor-intensive, which is why the Argan Oil is not cheap to buy.  In order to keep the price low, many providers mix the oil with other, cheaper oils.   In recent years, Argan Oil has become very popular and is now used in many skincare and haircare products.  However, the amount of oil that goes into these products is very small in order to keep the cost to a minimum.  In actual fact, the maximum benefit of the Argan Oil is attained by using it in its purest form. Our BJ Organics Argan Oil is 100% pure USDA organic certified with no additives whatsoever

Odor vs. Deodorizaion

Argan Oil has varied levels of odor, which can be down to a number of factors.  (Potent) oil with too strong smell can be an indication that the Argan kernels (nuts) used to make the oil were old.  If this is the case then the oil is likely to have high level of peroxide from exposure to sunlight.

It can also be down to the region in which the Argan Kernels have come from.  As an example, kernels harvested from the region of d’Essaouira produce a potent odor, whilst kernels harvested from the reigon of Ait Baamrane have a very mild odor.  It is believed to be down to the nutrients in the soil.

Other factors can play a part in the quality and smell of Argan Oil include the way in which the kernels are stored and harvested.

During extraction, it is common for water to be added to the kernels to soften the outer casing before crushing.  However, water presence will increase the peroxide levels and reduce the shelf life of the oil; It also reduces the effectiveness of the oil and leads to a stronger smell.

The vast majority of the oil being sold online is deodorised Argan Oil.  This means the oil has been through a process to remove the smell, which some people dislike.  Argan Oil is usually deodorised using one of two methods, steam or chemicals. With the steam cleaning method, the oil is heated to a temperature of 180 degrees celcius for 2 hours. This makes the oil odourless and less golden in colour, but also reduces the oil’s powerful natural properties. Although it can still be deemed as being organic, it should no longer be described as being ‘cold-pressed’ or ‘virgin argan oil’.

Many Argan Oil producers add chemicals to remove the unpleasant smell from poor quality oil.  As well as damaging the natural properties of the oil, it is no longer ‘pure’ or ‘organic’.  Those that support the use of authentic Argan Oil, including native Moroccans, believe that the benefits gained from using pure, organic, virgin Argan Oil far outweigh the nutty smell.  BG Organics Argan Oil is not deodorised.  It’s actually filtered using the latest scientific techniques to reduce the nutty smell, without losing any of the oil’s powerful natural properties.  This process also helps to create a more lightweight oil, which is much more easily absorbed by the skin and hair.  We’re really proud of it!

Quality of Oil – There are five (5) different grades of Argan Oil.


High defects

The grade of the oil will have a dramatic impact on its effectiveness for cosmetic purposes and the value of the oil differs accordingly.  Extra Virgin Argan oil is a third (33%) more expensive than Virgin Argan Oil.

BJ Organics 100% Pure Argan Oil – Grade No. 1

BJ Organics 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil is Extra Virgin grade with 0.31% free acidity level and 1.5 méq per KG peroxide level.  This is well below the extra virgin requirement.  The quality is unrivalled to any other argan oils in the world.  BJ Organics Argan Oil is the Finest

The kernels are harvested from ECOCERT certified organic agricultural land in a region which has the perfect climate for Argan kernels, as it is not too humid.  And, only the finest kernels are selected.  Any which are old or have had too much exposure to sunlight are discarded.  No water is used in the extraction process to maintain the perfect peroxide level.  The oil is filtered using the latest scientific techniques to reduce the nutty smell and to help the oil be more easily absorbed. Tested and bottled in Europe to make sure the Argan Oil meets the highest EU and UK standards.

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Morocco Argan Oil skin treatment :  100% Pure argan oil is used for skin care and hair care. Our argan oil is certified organic and 100% pure and free from any additive. Rich in vitamin E, natural fatty acids, and omega 6, argan oil is a natural prime antioxidant combating premature ageing skin. Argan Oil benefits skin for its many qualities such as hydratbon, regenerative and anti-wrinkles. It reduces pimples, breakout scars, scaly patches, skin inflammation and dry cracked skin.Directions (Skin): Apply 1-2 drops of argan oil to clean face in the evening as an extra strong serum.

Morocco Argan Oil hair treatment:  Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, squalene, and fatty acids. The essential fatty acids fight against drying, dehydrating and the loss of elasticity. Argan Oil is a luxurious elixir to restore over-processed hair damaged by chemicals and environmental free radicals – it also revives, hydrates and detangles hair, wigs and hair extensions. It benefits hair and revitalized scalp. It repairs dry damaged hair and split-ends. Can be added to body lotion or warm bath. Can be added to shampoo. Ultra-light miracle argan oil leaves NO residue and No oil build up, only provides silky finish and brilliant shine. Directions (Hair):  a) After shampooing and conditioning, start with a small amount in the palm of your hands and work it through damp hair. Style as usual. Apply a few drops as often as needed to achieve soft, shiny hair.

b) Before applying color, massage approximately 5ml of argan oil. This will enhance the hairs ability to absorb the color. Do not rihair before applying color or bleach. Add 4 to 5ml of argan oil to color mix and continue normal color application and process.

* Organic Certified * EcoCert Certified
* Cold Pressed
* Paraben Free – Fragrance Free – Colorant Free – Alcohol Free.
* Contains no animal ingredients.
* Not animal tested.
* Authentic South Western Moroccan Argan Oil.
* Free Acidity Rate = 0.3%