Eyebag Serum

After you wake up in the morning, have you ever groggily looked at yourself in the mirror and said, “Mirror, mirror on the wall… how do I get rid of these under eye bags once and for all?!” Well, you may not have actually said those words, but we know there are moments when we all may feel as if our eye bags are so heavy we would have to pay an extra ‘baggage fee’ at the airport. If you can relate to dark circles and puffiness around the delicate eye area, Our eye bag serum was specifically formulated for you. The lack of blood circulation under the eye area causes the bags and dark circles to appear, which is why it was imperative that the actives formulated in Pack Your Bags targeted these issues.
Our eye bag serum is a soothing amber-colored gel that quickly decreases eye puffiness and reduces dark circles. This serum remarkably reinforces the reduction of under eye inflammation, while firming and toning up the delicate under eye area, giving you a more youthful look.
Users find that our eye bag serum was instantly soothing and glided softly onto the fragile under eye area. They were also surprised that a seemingly simple gel actually had great results, which made our eyebag serum a sure winner at sending under eye bags packing!