Perilla essential oil

A member of the mint family and native to the Eastern Asia countries including Japan and Korea, the Perilla plant, bearing the botanical reference name Perilla Frutescens, can be traced as the source of Perilla essential oil. The seeds and kernels of the plant are the extracts required for the extortion method. The other names by which the Perilla plant may be referred to as include ‘Shiso’, ‘Japanese mint’ and ‘Chinese mint’. The yellowish-colored Perilla seed oil is known to contain the omega range of fatty acids, responsible for its therapeutic benefits. Primarily, the oil is revered for its skin-care benefits.

Perilla essential oil has a range of culinary, industrial and aromatherapy uses. It serves as a food flavoring agent for sauces and candies. Its applications in the manufacturing industry include the production of linoleum, printing inks and varnishes.