Post Exfoliating Wash, 74% organic, RS, 8 oz

Post treatment skin can be very vulnerable if not approached consciously and intelligently. In combining Borage, Olive and Rosehip oils we have harnessed the healing powers of omega three fatty acids as well as plant sterols and antioxidants to repair and sooth exposed skin. With a balanced pH to boot, this Facial Cleanser will safely escort your face through whatever dermabrasion, scrubbing, cellular turnover Retin-A and Glycolic, Alpha Hydroxy and Acid Peels you have taken on as part of your anti aging arsenal. Safe and gentle enough for daily use, and perfect for post exfoliation skin care needs.

Directions for Use: Can be used on face and/or body. Apply to hands, sponge, or cloth, moisten with water and wash. Rinse off and follow with any of our lotions or cremes.

Size: 8 oz