Red Wine (Resveratrol) Peel-Off Mask

Peel-off masks are made up of an ultra-fine botanical powder based on alginate. Once mixed with water, it creates a smooth paste which forms a gel. When applied to the face or the body, it resembles a second skin which takes the exact shape of the treated area’s contours. A skin-tightening effect is felt all during the treatment.

The peel-off properties

The originality of such a treatment consists in the unique stretched texture which offers a comfort feeling during the mask setting through both a natural fresh effect and a skin-tightening effect. After 15min., the masks is peeled off in one whole piece.


Rose essence regulates hormone production and helps to balance them throughout the body. It is one of the best oils to give you fresh and youthful skin. Its aroma keeps you charged and feeling happy. It promotes circulation, takes care of the heart, reduces blood pressure and helps to cure headaches, asthma, dehydration, leucorrhea and various other infections. Rose essential oil acts as a tonic for the nerves. It gives them strength to bear shock and protects them from disorders resulting from age and injuries. It will keep your hands from trembling and help you overcome your anxiety when saying those three magic words to your dream girl for the first time. Of course, you should also have a rose in your hand!


For a face treatment, mix 15 grams ( approx 3 teaspoon ) of peel off powder with 20ml of distilled water or hydrosol at a room temperature about 68°F. 4oz (120ml) of mask powder can create up to 315 ml of liquid mask and provide 6~8 face treatment applications. The powder to water or hydrosol ratio should be 1: 1.5 / or 1:1. Great for face and body wrap treatments.

(1) Mix thoroughly for about a minute until a smooth uniform paste is obtained.
(2) Apply the mask to the previously cleansed skin immediately in a thin or thick layer, avoid the eye contour area.
(3) The mask dries after about 5 minutes.
(4) Leave the mask in place for at least 10-20 minutes, then peel off in a single movement to leave the skin without any trace.
(5) Store in a clean, dry place, away from light and moisture, at room temperature from 68°F – 77°F

FDA Statement. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.