Ylang Ylang Oil, 100% Pure


1. Ylang-ylang oil has a euphoric and sedative effect on the nervous system and helps with anxiety, tension, shock, fear and panic while the aphrodisiac qualities is useful for impotence and frigidity.

2. It is particularly useful with rapid breathing and rapid heartbeat, it can also help with reducing high blood pressure and useful for intestinal infections.

3. On the skin, ylang-ylang oil has a soothing effect and its balancing action sorts out over-dry as well as overly-oily skin by balancing the secretion of sebum (acne), and has a stimulating effect on the scalp which promotes more luxurious hair growth.

Aromatic Description: Fresh, floral, sweet, slightly fruity, fragrant yet delicate.
Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled
Part Used: Flowers
Color: Clear with a Yellow Tinge
Consistency: Medium
Perfumery Note: Middle/Base
Strength of Initial Aroma: Medium – Strong

How to Use Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 

(a) Aromatic application – Can be diffused or inhaled directly.

(b) Topical application – Can be applied directly to the skin or within a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, for young or sensitive skin. Start with 1 drop to 1-3 tsp of carrier and increase the EO as needed.

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