Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Our potent Cordyceps Sinensis Extract helps deal with respiratory issues like cough, bronchitis, etc. It also helps control high cholesterol, irregular heartbeat, kidney issues, weakness, etc. The extract has also proven to be helpful for those with weight loss issues.

As a contract manufacturer, our main aim is to provide safe and potent products made with the best ingredients possible. The product’s safety and quality are of utmost importance to us and for we have a third party that conducts thorough tests on all the products. Contact us today with any queries or questions!
As a contract manufacturer, we aim to offer the best quality OEM and white labels products with the help of supervised Lab R&D performed by our experts.

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract- For high quality Cordyceps Sinensis Extract contract manufacturing, custom formulas and private label please contact Tel: 1-855-368-8749

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