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Private Labeling Services

Beauty Private Labels provides private labeling services to clients. Private labeling involves choosing a product from a list of products we specialize in or have developed for clients, creating your product label, and from there we label products for sale under your brand or in your store. If you are a new brand, start-up, or just beginning exploration in the skin care or cosmetics industry, private labeling allows you to break into the market with less time, work, and development.

We have a vast array of products available for private labeling such as popular Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C serums, creams, scrubs, body oils, cleansers, nail care, teeth whitener, hair products, deodorants, and much more. Our formulas are developed utilizing the powerful effects of nature. We create natural products with botanicals, extracts, essential oils, hydrosols, and more ingredients sourced from plants, fruits, and nuts such as coconuts and various fruits. We take pride in what we create, knowing that consumers are in good hands and their skin is kept safe and protected.

If you are ready to start selling, contact us today and inquire about private labeling an existing product from our product list database. Explore our website for popular products we manufacture for bath and body, skin, hair, personal care, and cosmetics. Please be advised private labeling uses an existing product and customizations will require a custom manufacturing contract.

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