Facial Serums

Facial Serums Private Label, Contract Manufacturers and Custom Formulations

Absonutrix is one of the renowned private labeler & contract manufacturers of facial serums. Facial serums are a great means of pH balancing and properties that help in pigment reduction, hydration, and skin repair qualities. The vegan collagen boosting serum and collagen peptide serum are one of the private label retinol serum ranges that offer anti-aging benefits. We carefully formulate our products with years of expertise and excellent infrastructure. Our custom formulation of serums during manufacturing helps it in naturally fighting against any free radicals.

Some of the finest serum's in this range are pro-biome, chamomile soothing, anti-age spot, and ceramide serum. We are experienced, flexible, and have an innovative team that work in synergy with the flexibility to cater to the demand of premium facial serums by contract manufacturing. Our range of private label retinol serum formulations in the facial serum category includes the Anti-redness serum and serums that can be used during different times of the day like the after-sun serum, the energizing serum, and the overnight serum. We are all tailored to match your perfection levels on account of being the best OEM of skincare products developed in serum labs under expert supervision.

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