Charcoal Facial Scrub

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Our Charcoal Facial Scrub is cleansing and gentle enough for use on normal and sensitive faces. With oil-controlling Activated Charcoal, this cream scrub absorbs and removes dirt, bacteria, and other micro-particles from the skin, leaving you refreshed and clean. A blend of moisturizers smooths and softens the skin without a greasy effect.
As a contract manufactured, we aim to offer the best quality OEM and white labels products with the help of supervised Lab R&D performed by our exports.

Charcoal Facial Scrub- For high quality Charcoal Facial Scrub contract manufacturing, custom formulas and private label please contact Tel: 1-855-368-8749


100 Units - Per Unit $8.84 250 Units - Per Unit $6.84 500 Units - Per Unit $5.59 1000 Units - Per Unit $4.84

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Charcoal Facial Scrub

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