Energizing Lotion

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Our Energizing Lotion will certainly put some pep in your step! Not only will skin cells be stimulated to repair and perfect damaged, blemished, or aged skin, but your senses will get an awakening kick-start that allows you to take on any obstacle with a clearer, more positive outlook. Vitamins C & B12 and a blend of citrus essential oils are the star ingredients in this formulation.
As a contract manufactured, we aim to offer the best quality OEM and white labels products with the help of supervised Lab R&D performed by our exports.

Energizing Lotion- For high quality Energizing Lotion contract manufacturing, custom formulas and private label please contact Tel: 1-855-368-8749


25 Units - Per Unit $12.11 50 Units - Per Unit $11.11 100 Units - Per Unit $9.11 250 Units - Per Unit $7.11 500 Units - Per Unit $5.86 1000 Units - Per Unit $5.11

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Energizing Lotion

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